Marine Protocol

Maritime Operations including Border Patrol and Anti-Piracy

In the maritime environment, drones can be used for security, environmental surveillance, to supply vessels with spare parts, for emergency missions, such as search and rescue. WARP’s SOLAR HALE will be fitted with AIS Transponders for sea-skimming, coastal monitoring, ship surveying.

In early 2017, the EMSA issued the largest ever civilian maritime drone contact, valued at €67m, cementing the ubiquitous use of drones in European waters. Under the contract, drones are used to assist with border control, search and rescue operations and monitoring of pollution, as well as the detection of illegal fishing and drug and people trafficking. The investment is part of the EMSA’s five-year strategy of improving coastguard monitoring and surveillance of maritime activity. As part of the contract, Martek Marine was issued a two-year Remotely Piloted Aircraft Services (RPAS) contract to pilot long-range antennae, mission control vehicles and ground crew. The work involves streaming video and drone sensor data live to a control centre, to allow European Union (EU) the Member States to make prompt decisions on intervention actions. Source