There are many big companies working on similar projects, what makes you think you can succeed.?

Being a startup, we are able to operate with agility and efficiency

Keeping things modular means we use less space and can manufacture replacements easily. We don’t need a huge hangar to park several UAVs, this gives us the flexibility to scale.

Building things in-house also help reduce costs extensively.

We also have the flexibility to be innovative to improve on both technical and business aspects. Including operational processes.

Established competitors face vested interests influenced by historic paths and strong team culture which makes them resistant to change.

Established companies have high admin overheads, we prefer to keep things simple.

We plan to offer our products in a more efficient, cost-effective and competitive manner.

We are more likely to be aware of our limitations and focus on our core strengths.

This creates an opportunity for more partnerships, collaborations and makes us an ideal acquisition as well.