Lithium-sulfur battery doubles range of electric planes

Lithium-sulfur battery doubles range of electric planes

Lithium-sulfur battery doubles range of electric planes

UK-based polymer lithium-sulfur battery developer OXIS Energy closed a $24 million funding round from South African investor Sasol New Energy, followed in November by a contract from the British Ministry of Defence. The developments at OXIS highlight a year of encouraging activity for lithium-sulfur battery (LSB) technology. British company Oxis Energy believes its high capacity

Solar Energy: Creating electricity from invisible light

A world-first in light conversion has potential future implications for solar photovoltaics, biomedical imaging, drug delivery and photocatalysis. Two major breakthroughs in solar cell technology could vastly improve the way energy is harvested from the sun. The two studies, published in Nature Energy and Nature Photonics, will transform the efficiency and significantly reduce the cost of producing solar cells, scientists

Conductive Ink to Print Solar Panels

A group of researchers at the University of Newcastle in Australia have pioneered a game-changing conductive ink that can be used to create paper-thin solar panels.  The panels can be printed using standard printers and have a very low cost of production. They are currently in their final testing stage. Video

Hemp Batteries As good as lithium ION

2019 : Hemp Batteries Earth Power: Hemp Batteries Better Than Lithium And Graphene Henry Ford’s Model T was famously made partly from hemp bioplastic and powered by hemp biofuel. Now, with battery-powered vehicles starting to replace those that use combustion engines, it has been found that hemp batteries perform eight times better than lithium-ion. The