About WARP

It has been 3 years since the intent to build Singapore’s first Solar Plane. The technology will be built around evolving auxiliary technologies such as batteries and solar power. The technology is constantly evolving opening up new possibilities of longer electric flight.

WARP is formed as Tech incubation startup by Arrowdynamic Laboratories supported by PIXEL- IMDA Singapore that concentrates on building Data collection platforms of the future driven by a passionate, young and energetic team.

Data Collection platforms become seemingly important in the modern environment, which will help build an efficient process that will positively impact mankind while giving significant cost savings to the user. The future will constantly depend on such platforms to provide real-time data for extended periods with high accuracy. The platform will also act as relays between land, sea, air and space systems. This will increase the connectivity for multiple operations including rocket launches.

The WARP team made its debut at the Singapore Airshow 2020. The team pitched to potential investors and industry leaders on the progress the team has made thus far.

Straits Time Article , Sunday February 9, 2020

WARP was also featured on the Straits Times in 2020.